Thursday 5th October


Remembering my father Hank.

4.2.1932 – 5.10.2009

“If there is another world, he lives in bliss

If not another, he made the most of this”


An RAF fighter jet pilot, sailor, skiier, swimmer, water polo player, golfer, orator, cook, writer, sommelier, painter, actor, model….

A little more about my father…..


Eight years ago today.

Pancreatic cancer.


Frank and Hank

My son     My father

Fly free


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    • Not mine, I’m afraid.
      I should have acknowledged Robert Burns, after the quotation marks ~ sorry.
      He wrote it as part of an epitaph to a friend…..

      “An honest man here lies at rest,
      As e’er God with his Image blest:
      A friend of man, the friend of truth,
      The friend of age and guide of youth;
      Few hearts like his-with virtue warm’d,
      Few heads with knowledge so informed:
      If there’s another world, he lives in bliss;
      If there is none, he made the best of this.”

      For William Muir, who died in 1793.

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