Daily Archives: October 7, 2017

Wasn’t expecting that


Saturday 7th October


Well, I wasn’t expecting that……

I had my yearly dermatology appointment today ~ yes I know, I thought it strange for a clinic at the hospital to be open at the weekend, but there we go. Normally these appointments are pretty quick…… “Strip off, and let’s check your skin….All’s good, see you next year…..”

But oh no, it was “Whoops, don’t like the look of that one on your back, we’ll take it off, as a precaution, right here, right now, into theatre you must go……..”.

So I’ve had surgery: local anaesthetic, an excision, with dissolvable deep stitches, and surface stitches which will come out in ten days time.

Wasn’t expecting that…….

But it is good to be looked after, and anything suspicious, or dodgy, then the ‘alien blob’ must be cut out and sent off to be biopsied, with results taking about two weeks.

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Thinking about you, poppet

Fly high my darling

Love you forever