Love will linger


Thursday 19th October


Your love will linger

Your memories are real

Your affection touched many

My heartbreak I conceal


Your achievements numerous

Your delight enchanted

Your laugh infectious

I took it all for granted


And then one day

You had no more tomorrows

Your life ended so suddenly

Leaving​ grief and sorrows


Missing my Angel

Darling son


Porthmeor Beach looking towards the Island

Porthmeor Beach looking westwards

A glimpse of sun on dull afternoon

High tide in the harbour

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  1. This would be, the most intense form of regret ever, because we’d not cherished the moments we had with someone, thinking that we still have a long time with the individual, we’d, not taken the time, to appreciate the person’s presence in our life, until the moments all got spent up, and, we’d lost the ones we loved dearly. However, it’s important to keep the memories of those we love inside of us, and slowly, we’ll be able to, come to terms with what was taken from us.

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