Friday 8th December


Having made a picnic lunch for everyone, our son then drove us all eastwards towards Nerja, a journey of about fifty miles. Our first stop took us to Almuñécar, where we turned off the main highway, and travelled down a steep, windy road to a cove that had a great little beach bar.

Morning coffee, sitting in the warmth of the December sun, looking out over the sparkling sea, was just perfect. We ate our picnic lunch further down the beach, then lay out to soak up some vitamin D. Following a short nap, we explored the length of the beach, finding at one end a narrow route to a second cove, but we did not continue any further ~ a sign painted on the side of the rock face proclaimed “Playa Nudista”…… we were not ready to strip off, expose our bodies and go ‘au naturel’!

In fact, on the beach where we were sitting there were a number of naked people sunbathing or swimming.  It was a perfect spot to spend the warmest part of the day; not too crowded, great sandstone cliffs, clear sea and fabulous blue skies.

Later on we drove back into Nerja and explored the old town, stopping for a beer, and then to watch another spectacular sunset. 

Not sure what you would have made of the nudist beach, although I wouldn’t put it past you to throw off all your clothes and ‘make like a native’! When in Rome, and all that.

We do miss you sweetie, and talk about you all the time.

Love you so much.

Precious Angel son


Morning coffees looking out over the sparkling sea

Many layered cliffs lining the edges of the beach

Aha! Playa Nudista….

A perfect spot to sit and listen to the waves

I could stay here all day…..

Such a pretty place

Dad puts his feet in the water ~ not too cold

Like a summer’s day

Time to move….

The beach bar

Amazing civil engineering, elevating the roads above the valleys

The view from Nerja

Luke and Ana

Lenticular clouds forming over the mountains

Luke and I

The sun going down

Fabulous colours in the clouds

Just perfect

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