Saturday 9th December


This morning was spent at the Christmas market in Fuengirola ~ so much for sale, so many people…. we wandered around and around, but did not make any purchases. Son and girlfriend bought Christmas decorations and a few other bits and bobs, and Ana’s cousin Belén also found some treasures. You would have loved this ~ you always did like a good car boot sale, rummaging for books, videos or CD’s.

Lunch was at a fabulous, laid back beach bar in Marbella ~ Andy’s Bar…. beers, sardines, and local liquor were consumed under the warmth of the sun, with feet in the sand, eyes to the sky watching the many aeroplanes flying westwards.

Puerto Banús was next on the intinerary, where we watched the sun set, imbibing yet more beers and rum. The many splendid watercraft on show was enough to make one turn green with envy.

The final stop of the day was at an establishment named Buti Bamba with the biggest lomo bocadillos, (meat sandwiches). Too much to eat all in one go, so we ended up taking some home for breakfast.

A busy day, with lots to see; taking in the sights, sounds and smells of Andalucía, with the Sierra Blanca mountains on one side and the Mediterranean on the other. 

Blowing kisses to heaven, to you, my darling Angel son.


Plaza de la Constitución, Fuengirola

Local fish cooking over a barbecue, Andy’s Beach Bar


Belén, Ana y Luke

Local liquor, presented free, at the end of lunch

Luke y Ana

Andy’s Beach Bar, Cabopina, Marbella

Enjoying the winter sun

Ana y Luke


Posing at Puerto Banús

Five spreaders…..a neat yacht

Fabulous gin palace

Spectacular gin palace!

Beer, rum and cappuccino

Baalbak Restaurante

Just chillin’

A perfect spot to watch the sun go down


Puerto Banús

Street decorations

Bocadillos to end the evening…

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      • I hope I did not upset you too much, especially not offend you. Of Course you were happy to have your younger Son there, I could see that. You are a very loving Mother, we love and adore our Sons don’t we. Your dear older Son will always be there with you, sharing all you do, He is there always, in your Heart surrounding you. He was very special to you and you are a very special Lady. God Bless, Anna.

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      • Oh my, no you didn’t upset or offend me at all ~ please don’t think that.
        I value your comments and kind thoughts very much indeed.
        Frank will always be with me, wherever we are. Sometimes I think of him with a smile, and sometimes the tears fall. But he is still here, in my heart, forever.
        Melanie x 💖 x

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your exploits in Spain, especially your adventures around Malaga. I love that part of the country, and we’re headed there once again in June of next year. And really, Older Son is still making memories with you, just from a different perspective….

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    • Thank you very much.
      We have had a marvelous time in Málaga, and I’m sure you will again next year.
      And thank you for such a lovely observation that our Older Son is still making memories with us ~ I do talk to him, about him, wherever we are, bringing him into the conversation and experiences that we have. So yes, he is still here with us, but on a different level.
      Melanie x

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