Leaving Badajoz


Monday 11th December


It had been exceptionally windy last night, with the first rain of our holiday lashing against the windows of our hotel at three in the morning. When we went for our early walk, leaves were strewn all across the roads and on top of cars.
This was our last day in Badajoz, and we began with a pleasant breakfast of café con leche y tostadas con jamón, queso y tomate. (My Spanish is slowly improving…)
Our son picked us up at midday and drove us a few miles over the border into Portugal where we said our goodbyes, and shared lots of hugs and kisses. We caught the coach to Lisbon, and arrived three hours later.

It has been a lovely vacation, sharing time with our younger son and his girlfriend. We had spectacular weather, and went to fabulous places. Tomorrow it will be back to England and the cold, grey, dismal conditions…… that is, if the plane can take off. The storm that has gone through has caused travel chaos, I believe. We met some fellow travelers in the reception, and they were supposed to fly back to Holland today, but their flights had been cancelled. Oh well, we shall see.

Thinking of you sweetie pie

Beloved Angel son

Always and forever


So many leaves on the ground this morning

Beautiful blue sky behind the Catholic Church

The Guadiana River, Badajoz

Puente de la Universidad

Sunset over Lisbon

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    • Aha….. I completed an ‘O’ Level in Spanish at school, many, many years ago…. but it’s so much better to be in that country where the language is spoken all around you.


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