Leaving Málaga


Sunday 10th December


As we slowly awoke this morning, we could hear intermittent clapping and cheering, and on looking out over the balcony, we saw many runners along the promenade. Using social media, I found out that the Málaga Marathon was taking place, right in front of our building, with over three thousand four hundred entrants. Such a beautiful morning to pound the pavements…. young, old, on bicycles, and in wheelchairs.

We checked out of the apartment at midday and went for a walk along the beach at El Palo, to the east of where we had been staying. The marathon runners were long gone, to be replaced by dog walkers, families and Sunday strollers. Stopping at an outdoor café, we had coffees, then the local speciality ~ espetos ~ or barbecued sardines, and calamari: so very good.

Then began our long drive north west, back to Badajoz. Our son took control of the driving, a long journey of over five hours…….And so, our little Spanish sojourn is soon to come to an end. We have had a fabulous time, with amazingly warm weather for December, visiting some terrific destinations, eating local delicacies, and spending quality time with our son and his girlfriend.

Not forgetting you, my darling.

Beloved Angel son.


Some of the marathon runners in front of our apartment

The beach at El Palo

Sparkly waves

The boys found an outdoor gym

Better to sit and relax…

Or you could try and work out how to use the apparatus

Frankie Angel Bear waiting for lunch

Enjoying the warmth of the December sun

Espetos y limón

Frank liked calamari

Fish cooked on a boat shaped barbecue

Warm, even in the shade

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