Daily Archives: March 25, 2018



Sunday 25th March


Outside, enjoying the sunshine today

Digging and weeding in the garden

Preparing the ground for bedding plants

A cold Spring had made the soil harden


We only have quite a small space

But we like the colour the flowers bring

And pollen for the bees and butterflies

Listening to the songbirds sing


You never used to help us out

Staying inside to watch cartoons

But sometimes when it was sunny and bright

You’d pick flowers in the afternoons


Petal by petal you’d strip them off

Absorbed in this delicate task

Until only the bare stem remained

Why you did this, we’d always ask


Really wish you were back here with us

Taking pleasure in the fresh air

Smiling and laughing, so innocent

But all we have is an empty chair


Love you sweetie

Forever and always


You, amongst the flowers

Your brother, not looking too happy

Spring sunshine over the town this morning