Daily Archives: March 12, 2018

Three years


Monday 12th March


Three long and lonely years

We’ve shed so many tears


Missing you my darling

Your name I’m still calling


Since you breathed your last

Eyes forever downcast


When you left this world

Angel wings unfurled


Now I’ll miss the future

Left looking at your picture


The man you’d grow into

And what you’d get up to


Who you might become

Banging your own drum


In my heart I’m holding you tight

In my dreams you’re there at night


And there you will remain

Until we see you again


Love you to the moon and back


Three years gone

We still mourn

Our first born

Hearts are torn

Left forlorn

Every morn

Wings airborne


Love you so much

Fly high sweet Angel


Pegasus™ ~ “I have a gold horn and my fur is all white. These bright colours make it hard to hide in the night” https://youtu.be/Rdqtt8lJpmE