I wasn’t ready


Saturday 10th March


I wasn’t ready

For you to leave

That you’re gone

I can’t believe

Your beating heart

I want to retrieve

Give me strength

My pain to relieve

And give me hope

So I can achieve


Love you forever

Precious Angel son


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  1. Pretty words. Pretty wreath. Thought of your mum’s 90th birthday celebration today – my boss’ birthday was also today. He turned 71. (Asked him what he did – “nothing, I’m tired.” He swims a mile or more 6 mornings a week, and twice a week at night. Once it is warmer, he will ride his bike from the office to a local park and ride about 20-25 miles a day. He never did that when I still worked on site. Hope you had a nice celebration today.

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      • I’m glad you did enjoy yourself, and the occasion lifted your often-heavy heart. I don’t know why I thought it was your own mum. I do envy people who have family sometimes, especially for events like holidays and birthdays and the like. It is just me now, no siblings, or family left. That’s why I always tell people to enjoy their family as much as they can. The matriarch of the household, at age 90, should bask in that attention. 🙂

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      • Thank you very much.
        We are lucky to have our own mother’s still with us.
        My mum, who lives close by, in a care home, will be eighty six this year.
        Family are everything.

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