Into Spain


Sunday 15th April


Driving across Portugal into Spain

Where your brother and girlfriend reside

After a stop by a beach, and some lunch

Off eastwards for a three hour car ride


To Badajoz, a city in Extremadura

Narrow streets, and colourful squares

A Cathedral and Moorish citadel

Sitting in the sun, on outdoor chairs


On the banks of the river Guadiana

We’ve been here many times before

Hoping for a week of good weather

With still so much more to explore


Wish you were here

Precious Angel son


Surfers at Praia de Carcavelos

The beach at Carcavelos

Looking down on the beach at Portinho da Arrábida

Fishing boats at Setúbal

Dolphin statues along the waterfront at Setúbal

Designed to make you smile

Typical Portuguese tiling in the restaurant

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    • We have only started coming to Spain recently, ever since our younger son moved here four years ago.
      He lives in central, west Spain, on the border with Portugal. It is an old city, with so much history, beautiful cathedral, Moorish citadel, parks, narrow streets….
      We’ve also visited Málaga which was great for the beaches, and finding fun places to eat. The castle and gardens there are spectacular.
      Seville is another beautiful city, again the most fabulous cathedral, and many plazas and gardens.
      Portugal’s Algarve has outstanding scenery, if you can get away from the many tourists in the high season. Amazing cliff formations with clear seas.
      Faro, Portugal, is wonderful too.
      It’s all so lovely.
      There’s nowhere I wouldn’t revisit.


  1. I like those dolphin statues – very interesting! Safe travels in Spain Melanie. I was there with friends in 1974. Woman was born in Mostoles, near Madrid and we spent three weeks traveling around. It was great s she spoke the language… I did not. I wouldn’t admit to many years of taking French. Have forgotten 99.9% of it.

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    • The dolphins were wonderful!
      Apparently there are many off the coast and can often be seen in the waves.
      I speak a little Spanish…. enough to get by, and enjoy trying to order food, or ask directions.
      My French is rather rusty though.

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      • I think I’ve liked dolphins since Flipper 🙂 and I’ve never seen the in the wild, or their own environment, just in a marine-type park, like Marineland of the Pacific and that was years ago.
        My French is so rusty and I never learned how to trill my Rs, so I might have learned French words by memorizing all those vocabulary words and “conversations” from the texts, but it has not been retained. I even took a French class in college where we could speak no English … gave book reports, TV and movie reviews, all in French, and still have very little recall. Growing up in Canada, French was taught as early as first grade. Enjoy that trip – it sounds lovely.

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  2. What a lovely poem. Such beautiful words for such a wonderful country.
    I live down in Seville and would love to write a poem about it. Maybe I’ll give it a bash.
    Have you been down to Seville?
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Barry O’Leary

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    • Thank you so much.
      We have been visiting Spain for the last three years, since our younger son moved there and love it.
      We have been to Seville, for a long weekend and had a fabulous few days sightseeing, marveling at the cathedral, the alcazaba and enjoying an evening out watching authentic flamenco.
      Will look out for your poem.
      Melanie x


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