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Leisurely Lisbon


Wednesday 25th April


Leisurely Lisbon

Morning meanderings

Capital coffee

Wistful wanderings

Managing Metro

Twisty turnings

Summer sunshine

Required returnings

Hastening home

Weather worsening


And home you come with us

My darling Angel son


Lisbon Metro art

Black and white caricatures on the Metro walls

Figures from modern Portugal’s history

River Tagus and the Vasco de Gama bridge

The sun man, outside the Vasco de Gama Centre

Location of the Eurovision Song Contest, next month

Feira Internacional de Lisboa ~ the Expo centre

Looking towards the Vasco de Gama Centre

Park of Nations

Fountain at Alameda dos Oceanos

The two of us

Looking through to Oriente station from Vasco de Gama

Leafy shadows at Alameda dos Oceanos

Outside the Expo Centre

Fabulous mosaic art at the Metro

The Metro from Aeropuerto to Oriente

Plaza Alta


Friday 20th April


Plaza Alta

In the old city

Red and white mosaics,

Looking very pretty

The old alcazaba

Fifteenth century

Beautiful arches

So much history

A souk and market

Islamic community


I’m sure you would have had fun exploring the old castle walls and gardens.

Missing you sweetheart

Precious Angel son


The walk up to the alcazaba

Looking down on the Plaza

Castle battlements

Across the city to the river

The Catholic Church with bronze spires

A corner of Plaza Alta

Archway to the castle

Arches in the Plaza

Lines and arcs ~ so many geometrical patterns

Walking back through narrow streets

Soledad Plaza

Bronze statues

Museo de Bellas Artés

Back again in our favourite spot for ice cream

Diamond shadows on sun-baked cobbles


Thursday 19th April


Diamond shadows on sun-baked cobbles

Narrow streets and quiet tapas bars

Ornate buildings, landscaped gardens

Afternoon siesta time, so a lack of cars


Thirty degrees, few people around

Makes for pleasant, slow sightseeing

Stopping for delicious ice creams

Watching the world, for the time being


Thinking of you sweetheart

You would have loved the ice cream tubs, and all the choices


Diamond shadows on sun-baked cobbles

Sunshades making geometric patterns

Narrow alley to Badajoz cathedral

Ornate copper spires of the Ermita de la Soledad Catholic Church

The view with ice cream

Ice cream choices…… mmmmmm

The facade of the Edificio de la Giralda

One of the towers

Edificio de la Giralda ~ a copy of the Giralda in Sevilla

Ermita de la Soledad Church

Tiled panorama of the old city of Badajoz 1668

Strolling and ambling


Wednesday 18th April


A late birthday night

Slow start at daylight


Your brother working

His head not hurting


We’ll see him tomorrow

For lunch on the go


Strolling and ambling

Just photographing


Wandering around

Feet pounding the ground


A quiet day for us

On our own, no fuss


Wish you were here

My Angel, my dear



Interesting colours, iron work, and tiles

Parque de Castelar

Church and blue skies

Seating in the Paseo de San Francisco, with fabulous tile diorama

Sunny San Francisco Square, early evening

Pollarded plane trees in San Francisco Square

Santo Domingo Catholic Church

Delicate trees as the sun goes down

Tonight’s sunset



Tuesday 17th April


Your brother’s birthday today

Feliz cumpleaños we say

Breakfast in the riverside cafe

Tostada y café con leche

Children with bikes do play

Ducks beneath the bridge archway

In the bright sunshine we did stay

Enjoying the weather while we may


You should be here with us

Beloved Angel son


Puente de Palmas across the river Guadiana

Swan on the water

So many geese and ducks

Nesting or looking for food

Back to Luke’s for lunch and pressies

An afternoon walk to Badajoz cathedral

Narrow streets

Sun shade squares ~ it was 30°C this afternoon

Orange trees, with beautifully fragrant blossom

Badajoz Town Hall

The side of the cathedral

Narrow streets and coffee shops

Capitanía Badajoz



Monday 16th April


Flowing down the river of life

Sometimes a gentle, babbling brook

Other days, raging white-water rapids

Must be careful where you look


Floating along without a thought

A clear, cold mountain spring

Or a muddy river full of weed

Who knows what your life will bring


Once you’re thrown into the deep

Then it really is sink or swim

Make the most of what you have

Don’t let your light fade or go dim


Keeping your head above the water

Holding on to precious cargo

That is what it is all about

And always going with the flow


Love you sweetie

Darling Angel son


Puerta de Palmas ~ Badajoz City gates

Puente de Palmas ~ a footbridge across the Guadiana River, the first foundations being laid in 1460

Looking towards the Puente de la Universidad

The alcazaba on the hilltop

The old city walls

Tall palms in the park

Sitting in the park, with a beer

Tonight’s sunset

Into Spain


Sunday 15th April


Driving across Portugal into Spain

Where your brother and girlfriend reside

After a stop by a beach, and some lunch

Off eastwards for a three hour car ride


To Badajoz, a city in Extremadura

Narrow streets, and colourful squares

A Cathedral and Moorish citadel

Sitting in the sun, on outdoor chairs


On the banks of the river Guadiana

We’ve been here many times before

Hoping for a week of good weather

With still so much more to explore


Wish you were here

Precious Angel son


Surfers at Praia de Carcavelos

The beach at Carcavelos

Looking down on the beach at Portinho da Arrábida

Fishing boats at Setúbal

Dolphin statues along the waterfront at Setúbal

Designed to make you smile

Typical Portuguese tiling in the restaurant



Saturday 14th April


Sintra and Castelo dos Mouros this morning

Clambering up and down battlements

Exotic gardens, lichen covered rocks

The views were absolutely fabulous


A late lunch, overlooking the sea

Sparkling blue water, warm sunshine

A wonderful way to spend the afternoon

Gazing along the rugged coastline


Again, we thought of you often

Wishing you could have shared our day

Sweetheart Angel son


Pena Palace from the Moorish Castle

Walking along the castle walls of the Castelo dos Mouros

Luke and I

Massive, lichen covered rocks

Having a breather

Looking down on the National Palace of Sintra

Far reaching views to the sea

Sunlight and shadows through the trees

Pena Palace at the top of the Sintra mountains

Chalet Biester

Looking towards Boca do Inferno (Hell’s Mouth)

Sparkly sea below the aloe




Thursday 12th April


Cobbled streets, rickety trams

Tiled buildings, viewing platform

Lots of walking, queues and coffee

Rainy morning, but turned out warm


Number 28 tram, a real must-do

Elevador de Santa Justa, why not?

Rossio Square in the Baixa District

Crowds of people, a real melting pot


Left the hotel at ten, back at seven

Playing tourist in Lisbon, sightseeing

And now it’s time to rest our legs

No more walking for the time being


Thinking of you as always

My darling Angel son


We queued for over an hour to ride on the famous Tram 28

Finally, we embarked, but had to stand

Castelo Sáo Jorge at top

Narrow streets with tram lines through the centre

Beautiful buildings, wrought-iron balconies

Tiled facades

Frankie Angel Bear came with us on the tram

Cobbled pedestrian streets

Metal man, sitting at an outdoor restaurant

The Elevador de Santa Justa, a 19th century lift

Towards the River Tagus

Looking towards Castelo Sáo Jorge over the terracotta rooftops

The Rúa de Santa Justa, from the top of the viewing platform

The top of the lift, with the viewing platform above, reached by a narrow spiral staircase

Praca Rossio

Ruins of the Carmo Church

Beside the fountain in Rossio Square

Praca Rossio

Afternoon libations and snacks



Wednesday 11th April


Flying off to Lisbon

For a little holiday

In a couple of days

Your brother comes to stay


Missing you my sweetheart

I know we’re far apart

Love you forever

And we’ll be together



Looking down from our hotel balcony ~ it’s quite noisy

We’ve come to eat dinner in a brewery!

Portugália Cervejaría

Bom día

Dessert with Licor de Beiráo