Strolling and ambling


Wednesday 18th April


A late birthday night

Slow start at daylight


Your brother working

His head not hurting


We’ll see him tomorrow

For lunch on the go


Strolling and ambling

Just photographing


Wandering around

Feet pounding the ground


A quiet day for us

On our own, no fuss


Wish you were here

My Angel, my dear



Interesting colours, iron work, and tiles

Parque de Castelar

Church and blue skies

Seating in the Paseo de San Francisco, with fabulous tile diorama

Sunny San Francisco Square, early evening

Pollarded plane trees in San Francisco Square

Santo Domingo Catholic Church

Delicate trees as the sun goes down

Tonight’s sunset

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      • My goodness we could do with that here. We used to have a weekly street cleaner but have not seen him for a long time, the green and gardens opposite our house do not have the attention they used to. Yet the Taxes go up, where does it go to?? Your holiday sounds wonderful, safe journey back.

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      • The lack of litter really is quite noticeable….. and makes for very pleasant walks around the city.
        Thank you, we are having a super time…… and doing so much walking.


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