Plaza Alta


Friday 20th April


Plaza Alta

In the old city

Red and white mosaics,

Looking very pretty

The old alcazaba

Fifteenth century

Beautiful arches

So much history

A souk and market

Islamic community


I’m sure you would have had fun exploring the old castle walls and gardens.

Missing you sweetheart

Precious Angel son


The walk up to the alcazaba

Looking down on the Plaza

Castle battlements

Across the city to the river

The Catholic Church with bronze spires

A corner of Plaza Alta

Archway to the castle

Arches in the Plaza

Lines and arcs ~ so many geometrical patterns

Walking back through narrow streets

Soledad Plaza

Bronze statues

Museo de Bellas Artés

Back again in our favourite spot for ice cream

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  1. You have such wonderful photos. I’m sure he would have loved this place – it would be hard not to enjoy such sights and places to explore, I especially like the views across the city and the Plaza with the arched, multi-coloured structure. Fascinating! x

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    • Thank you.
      The many styles of building and architecture are amazing… whether in narrow streets, or open plazas, or looking across the terracotta rooftops. So much asking to be photographed.

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