Daily Archives: May 7, 2018



Monday 7th May


Searching for the sunshine

Warmth to lift the spirits

Driving to the South coast

Certainly has its merits


Blue skies and colourful flags

A marina filled with yachts

People at pavement cafés

Smiling and laughing lots


You liked going to Falmouth

Walking the length of the street

Looking in all the bookshops

A special pocket-money treat


As if you were here beside us

Then off you’d go, on your own

So fiercely independent

No need for a chaperone


So, were you with us today

My precious, darling boy?

A delightful sunny day

Filled with love and joy


Love you

Miss you

Moon and back

Beloved Angel son


All kinds of watercraft

Heading out towards Carrick Roads

Colourful flags fluttering in the sunshine

Port Pendennis marina