Daily Archives: May 28, 2018

Birthday Bath


Monday 28th May


A birthday in Bath

Around the Abbey

Stop for coffee and cake

It’s not too shabby


Temperature is warm

But the clouds are grey

Doesn’t really matter

‘Cos it’s my birthday


Then to Castle Coombe

Watching racing cars

Roaring round the circuit

A passion of ours


Into the paddock

Looking behind the scenes

Mechanics tinkering

On their fast machines


Eight point four litres

Of the Chrysler Viper

Absolute favourite car

The crowd going hyper


Then the Bathampton Mill

For a bite to eat

Warm enough to sit

Outside, it’s a treat


Overlooking the weir

Of the River Avon

A peaceful venue

Quiet, rustic haven


The early evening

Sees the sky turn blue

Clouds melting away

Golden sunset hue.


Thinking of you sweetie

Just wish you were here

Celebrating with me

My darling, my dear


Precious Angel son


Coffee and cake

The Abbey in Bath

Parade Gardens, Bath

Winding roads on the way to Castle Coombe

Narrow road over the Avon, with the Bathampton Mill on the opposite bank

Porsche Boxster

Vauxhall Tigra Silhouette

Ginetta G50

One of the Formula Fords

Lamborghini Huracan

The best! 8.4 litres of Viper

Mazda RX7


Batheaston Toll Bridge

At the Bathampton Mill

Ice cold beers