When the memories hit you



Monday 26th October

I was going through some of my old lesson resources, school work and long-forgotten files and folders today. Spring cleaning in the autumn. Trying to throw out old paperwork, some of it more than twenty years old.

Suddenly I was stopped in my tracks.

I held in my hand the local newspaper, with your birth announcement. Yellowed and a bit creased at the edges, this contained our proclamation to the world of your appearance on this earth.

And I cried.

Thirty years ago you were about to start your journey with us, joined two years later by your brother.

For thirty amazing years you were part of our family.

Seeing that announcement on the back page just hit me, right in the middle of my heart.

And I hurt.

So much.

Quite by chance I began looking for a photo of you, to go with this post……


Thursday 26th October 2006. Lucerne, Switzerland


Choosing a sorbet


With Dad


With me

So, nine years ago, on this date in October, you were with us in Switzerland. (The photographs I have on my phone are dated, so I know this for certain )
We were visiting my brother and his wife who were living near Zurich, and we spent a wonderful half-term week with them.

Such happy times, and you look so relaxed and carefree.


Funny face

How I miss those days.

I love you my Angel.


Flowers in the rain today

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