Food festival


Saturday 12th May


Dark clouds gathering in the sky

People trudging across the sand

Food festival on the beach

Fish and chips, with beer in hand


Colourful flags fluttering

Music playing from the marquee

Bouncy castles and carousels

With much entertainment to see


I’m sure you were wandering too

Tasting and sampling all the food

Tacos, nachos and lemonade

Also sausages barbecued


Love you sweetheart

Missing you like crazy

Thinking of you daily

My darling Angel baby



The annual Food Festival

On Porthminster Beach

Drawing a good crowd

Dark clouds and silver sea in the harbour

Lambeth Walk waves

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    • Thank you.
      Although the weather wasn’t too good, many people certainly enjoyed the food, drink and varied entertainment on offer….. And a magnificent fireworks display later on.
      Falling stars are beautiful xx


  1. Wow … the sky and as you term it the “silver sea” … our weather is not only ugly looking but ugly indeed. Three inches of rain in less than 36 hours and 3 thunderstorms – more rain on the way overnight and into Sunday morning.

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      • Melanie – it’s been terrible and much flooding, but not directly in my part of town. Rivers and creeks have reached their flood stage which is worrisome. They say the next totally rain-free day will be Thursday … unbelievable Spring weather this year! I’m almost afraid to wonder what Summer will bring, and hopefully not a slew of violent storms.

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      • They say it will be very unsettled tomorrow and over the next two weeks, we are in the same type of pattern – much unsettled weather and stormy. We have a severe weather watch for overnight – worried since there has been a lot of rain and trees may topple over in the wind. I’m almost ready for Fall at this rate.

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      • Thanks Melanie and I was unscathed, but we have more storms on the weekend – done for now. We have had rain 11 of the last 15 days, and for seven days straight – 5 inches total Just amazing. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll back out on the trail again.

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      • I’m hoping not and now they are predicting rain for the beginning of the week as well – I’ve kind of given up on my goal of surpassing my 1,050 miles walked last year. I cannot count on December due to the snow and sometimes November is iffy as well.

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    • Oh but of course! Many trestle tables, chairs and level seating areas were made available, although there were those that juggled with plates, cutlery and plastic glasses as they walked around.
      x πŸ₯€πŸŒ­πŸ₯€ x


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