Tuesday 15th May


To Exeter hospital

Matching underwear day

The clinical drugs trial

Appointments underway


Dermatology for skin

Blood and obs with my nurse

Then it’s time for a break

From the medical universe


Then upstairs to x-ray

CT scan with contrast

Back and forth through the tunnel

It’s all over at long last


And the final stop will be

With my oncologist

Scanxiety sets in

Have to be an optimist


Now a long two week wait

For the consultant’s report

Just hoping all will be well

The days don’t turn out too fraught


Thinking of you my darling

Wishing you were with me

Wishing things had been different

That you, a survivor would be


Sweetheart Angel son


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  1. Scanxiety- that’s the perfect word for it!
    The matching underwear made me smile too!
    You are strong- you will survive!! And continue to thrive!!
    Frank survives in the hearts, and memories of all who knew him!

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