Daily Archives: June 30, 2018

Sunny Saturday


Saturday 30th June


A drive into Wareham

A walk by the river

A number of ferries

Passengers to deliver


Back to the big house

Afternoon by the pool

Pimms, cake and croquet

Trying to keep cool


A fabulous setting

For two big birthdays

A Ruby anniversary

Charged glasses to raise


Fifty guests for dinner

Friends and family

Husband’s sister

Has done splendidly


It’s her sixty fifth

Her husband’s seventy

Their anniversary

A weekend of pleasantry


Oh, the murder mystery

It was Dad wot dunnit

He poisoned the magistrate

The Admiral was the culprit


You really would’ve had fun

If you’d been here

A big old country house

Exploring far and near


So I’m telling you my darling

Of all we’ve done today

Trying to keep you close by

Sharing our weekend away


Love you forever

Precious Angel son

Sun dappling through the trees

A paddle steamer coming alongside at Wareham

More ferries arriving

On the bridge overlooking the river

Old Church at Affpuddle

Telephone box that contains a defibrillator

Road back to the house

Side entrance to the house

Pimms by the pool

Fountain on the lawn where we played croquet

Looking back at the house