Daily Archives: June 21, 2018

The things you used to say


Thursday 21st June


Where’re we going today?

What we gonna do?

Are we nearly there yet?

I really need a poo


I want to buy some sweeties

Can I have some money?

A book, a comic, a drink or two

And my nose is runny


Oh my, the things you used to say

You would call me blondie

And Dad was old, grey hair

You cheeky, little monkey


I’d love to hear your voice right now

Coming out with nonsense and wit

I’ll treasure all those memories

Along with your infallible spirit


I loved your idiosyncrasies

Along with a great personality

So full of love and humour

An innocent geniality


Love you forever

My darling Angel son


Looking down on the town this morning

The Island and Porthmeor Beach

Ragwort growing on the cliffs

Porthgwidden Beach

HMAS Cerberus, Australia, 1990……a cheeky grin, even then