Daily Archives: June 6, 2018

Seal Island boats


Wednesday 6th June


Watching all the goings on

Whilst sitting above the sand

Holidaymakers on the beach

Jumping waves, hand in hand


Pleasure boats go back and forth

Tourists hoping to see the seals

Perhaps some jumping dolphins

Performing to delighted squeals


We took you on one of those boats

Along with auntie and cousin

Journeying around Seal Island

We saw more than half a dozen


A happy and sunny day trip

With lots of laughter and fun

Wish we’d had more adventures

My dearest, darling Angel son


Missing you

Love you forever


Porthgwidden Beach this afternoon

One of the pleasure boats returning from Seal Island today

Closely followed by two more

One of the seals we saw, when we took you to Seal Island, about fifteen years ago

Sitting on the boat, with such a cheeky smile