Coping with the sadness


Wednesday 29th August


Coping with the sadness

And still managing to breathe

Dealing with unhappiness

Carefully hiding the pain beneath


Surviving unexpected loss

Yet finding time to smile

Struggling to understand

Why you were only here a while


Facing life without you

But remembering the fun

All the joyful times we spent

My dearest darling Angel son



Flying over the harbour

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      • Melanie, I slipped it into the post with flowers and a silly poem. . .
        It was basically taking so much time!

        I felt I wasn’t original or different enough, so I will try to stop by and say my hello and send you hugs. xo 😘 πŸ’ž

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, I did enjoy reading your posts, and looking at your photographs.
        I do hope you continue to write your poems and show your photos every now and again, although I agree it does take time.
        Take care.
        Melanie x


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