Daily Archives: January 3, 2019

A kayaking sort of afternoon


Thursday 3rd January


A kayaking sort of afternoon

Full sunsuit, floating sunglasses

Looking for manatees and dolphin

Try not to wobble as the wave passes


You liked going out in canoes too

Although you’d try to rock the boat

Quite literally, hoping we’d capsize

But we did manage to stay afloat


Fun and games on the water

You really were quite adventurous

Loving the adrenalin rush

Anything a little risky and dangerous


Thinking of you always

My darling Angel son


Off we go….

Full coverage sunsuit, big hat, floating sunglasses, SPF50…

Flat calm…..

Looking for manatees in the mangroves…

Still looking for manatees and dolphin….

So very peaceful….

And a long way from shore….

And very hot…

Heading back…..

Pretty sunset this evening…

Leaving a golden glow….

With a perfect view…..