Daily Archives: January 10, 2019

Fort Myers


Thursday 10th January


Across the Tamiami Trail

On a trip to Fort Myers

All kinds of birdlife

Cranes, herons, graceful flyers


So many alligators

Could be seen from the car

Lazing in the sunshine

Amazing reptiles they are


On to the sandy Gulf Coast

A walk along the beach

Dinner in a car-themed place

Good food and a beer each


A clear, starry sky tonight

Loving you with all my heart

I’m sending kisses up to you

Angel son we’re never apart



A stop on the Tamiami Trail where tall cypress trees reach to the sky

Reflections on the water

Tangles of branches

An alligator and crane

Two ‘gators

A walk on the beach

Sugar fine sand

Stretching as far as the eyes can see

Sun setting along an avenue of palms in Fort Myers

Inside Ford’s Garage restaurant

A cool eatery