Daily Archives: January 11, 2019

A day filled with wildlife


Friday 11th January


Strolling along the beach

Feet paddling in the sea

Sand between toes

Dolphins splashing free


On through the Everglades

Getting up close and personal

With a gnarly old alligator

Moving away quite purposeful


Stopping to walk a trail

At Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk

Spying nesting bald eagles

Where kites and ospreys squawk


A day filled with wildlife

Getting close to nature

Taking you with us everywhere

You’d love every creature


Precious Angel son


Lighthouse on Sanibel Island, built in 1884

Clear water, perfect for shelling

Us, again

Old tree carcass

Blue heron at Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk

Fern-filled pond, surrounded by cypress trees

Cypress growing very tall


Two American bald eagles sitting on a branch


A heron looking for its next meal

A really, really big ‘gator lazing in the sunshine

Sunset on the return journey