An individual journey


Monday 18th February


An individual journey

Down a dark and dreary lane

So many obstacles

Each step filled with pain

Grief, when it has a hold

An emotion like no other

Turns your life upside down

And really makes you wonder


What if


If only




Coulda woulda shoulda


Missing you so much

Darling Angel son


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  1. Where’s the “sad” button when I need it? Can’t click “like” on this post. So heart-felt! So sad! So unfair! Cancer is so indiscriminate. My heart goes out to you. May your memories of happier days and the love of Family and friends sustain you. Let go of those “coulda woulda shoulda” thoughts and rejoice in blessing of having a son… of the ways he made your life better. I pray you have faith in the promise of Eternity. ❤️🙏🏽

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