Daily Archives: June 21, 2019

Boat on the sands


Friday 21st June


Dipping forward

Somewhat awkward

Off kilter slightly

Needs putting rightly

Boat on the sands

High and dry, stands

Wait for the tide

Then off you glide


Frank on a yacht

Liked it a lot

Just carefree days

Beneath sun’s rays

On the high seas

With a warm breeze

Holiday fun

Second to none


Remembering the good times

Sweet Angel son


Frank loving his yachting holidays with my father

Anchoring at high tide, the owner of the yacht didn’t know he was directly over a large dip in the sand, forcing the boat to tip forwards. Only when the tide receded did the angle of the mast seem way off vertical.

Stuck in the middle

Two of St. Ives’ gig rowing boats