Trevaskis Farm


Thursday 10th October


A day out in the drizzle and rain

Coffee and cake at Travaskis Farm

Some picked pumpkins or plums

We preferred to stay in the warm


Such a selection of yummy desserts

Chocolate and nut pavlova for me

Chocolate and cherry roulade for Gary

So what if we were a little bit piggy!


Once in a while have what you want

A little of what you fancy

Can’t do any harm at all

Just leaving us full and happy


You’d have liked these super desserts

My precious little Angel son

Your favourite a knickerbocker glory

Or a chocolate brownie, my loved one


Thinking of you

Missing you

Loving you


Gary’s chocolate and cherry roulade

My chocolate and hazelnut pavlova

Such a tempting display

So many calories

But so fabulous

Yummy scrummy desserts

8 responses »

    • Thank you very much indeed.
      The desserts are out of this world.
      You should come and try them out, they won’t disappoint. You can also pick your own fruit and vegetables, and browse through their farm shop.
      x 🍊 🍓 🥕 🍎 x


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