Fundraising again


Tuesday 27th September

This was our second day spent raising awareness and collecting monies in our local supermarket, for our four charities.

We began at 9:00am and finally packed up at 5:00pm; a long day, with a couple of breaks, but well worth it. Other volunteers helped out too, allowing us time to shop, go home for some lunch, and of course, time to visit you.

We spoke to a number of your schoolmates and teachers. One remembered you in primary school, and commented on your love of He-Man and She-Ra books. She said you would get a group of children in turn, to play the part of He-Man’s Battle Cat, and you would ride on their backs, pretending to be the Master of the Universe, shouting “I have the power!”

A teacher’s aide recalled you in school, always walking around with a bundle of books under your arm and a little grin on your face.

Dad made the comment that for most of the time we get on with our lives, dealing with our grief and thoughts about you, mostly in private. 

On days like today, when we are raising awareness of testicular cancer and collecting monies for the charity in honour of you, then our grief is suddenly made tremendously public. 

The box is opened up wide for all to peer in and poke about inside.

Most of the time I can cope; able to talk about you, your treatment and ultimately what happened at the end.

But sometimes I falter, and the mask crumbles, and I no longer seem to be able to show the strength necessary to hold back tears.

We do miss you so much sweetie.

Love you forever.

Darling Angel son.


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