Comes to an end


Thursday 16th


As our holiday comes to an end

Off to Miami we must wend

An overnight flight to take us home

Our time is up from whence we roam


Love you forever

Precious Angel son


One last walk around

I’d like to stay

See you again soon

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  1. Where did you stay if I may ask.. We (all ten of us) are planning a week-end down in the keys this summer and the prices..egads. 😳 Was thinking of renting a house but we only need two nights and most require a week’s stay.

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    • We stayed at the Bay Harbor Lodge and Coconut Bay Resort in Key Largo. We loved its beautiful landscaping, the peace and quiet, and comfortable cottages.
      Just fabulous 🌴🌞🌴

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      • Thanks! I’ll have to look into it..I have reservations at the old Holiday Isle..but wow..the cost it just staggering. There’s ten of us so no matter where we go it’s gonna be pricey..but I figured I’d keep looking. (I can cancel my reservations if something better comes up)

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      • I looked at homes and most have minimum stays of at least a week. Our kids are all grown and live out of state..busy jobs..a week off is (sadly) not possible for any of them. The cost is shocking..but they want to fish etc and as you said, anywhere we go with ten would be big money..SOO, we will just suck it up and bring our own beer and peanut butter- HAHA!!!

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