A walk down to the beach


Wednesday 22nd July


A walk down to the beach

To sit and have a coffee

Watching all the tourists

On holiday, so carefree

No social distancing

“Nothing’ll happen to me”

We’re placed above the sand

Away from anybody

Safe and enjoying the view

Gazing at the turquoise sea


All the while thinking of you

Our fun times together

Wondering, wishing, hoping

We’ll be connected forever


My darling Angel son


Porthmeor Beach, West

Looking towards the Island

Windbreaks, tents and parasols

Low tide, and a perfect blue

Just below the café

School’s out

Lifeguards on duty

Sitting in the shade

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    • Thank you Derrick.
      We tend not to mingle with all the tourists down here at the moment.
      Walking down the hill, to the beach, and sitting on the cafe’s terrace, with very few customers (most bought drinks or ice creams to take back onto the sand) felt quite safe indeed. We certainly wouldn’t walk along the harbour front where large groups have no idea of social distancing. (Overheard in many retail outlets: “I’m not following your rules, I came here to get away from all that!) Scary times.
      Hope you and Jackie are well and staying safe too.

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