Six years


Friday 12th March


It’s been six years

With silent tears

We just didn’t know

It was your time to go


Without warning

Death came calling

So unexpectedly

So distressingly


I couldn’t save you

I tried so hard, too

Your wings were ready

Our hearts left heavy


Cancer is a thief

Leaves behind such grief

Sending love to you

As we always do


We miss you so much

Wish our hands could touch

With angels you fly

In heaven on high


No matter how long

As memories replay

It will always feel

Like yesterday


My beloved Angel son


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  1. Such a dreadful anniversary! Six years! You’ve remembered him so eloquently and beautifully with your poetry, and spoken out in your pain, so I hope that will make the years ahead easier for you. Maybe one day you’ll feel ready to make a book of Frank’s story…

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