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  1. Sweet Memories. You have a second son… still alive and well, right? I’d love to see you post a little about him one of these days. I enjoy seeing his picture with you and his brother, Frank. ❤ ❤ What's your other son's name?

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    • Thank you very much.
      My younger son, Luke, lives in Spain, and runs an Academy, teaching English. He has been in Spain for over six years.
      The last time we spent time together was Christmas /New Year 2019-20, when we flew him and his girlfriend to Orlando for some theme park fun.
      Luke is two years younger than Frank.
      x 💖 x

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      • Your long distance from your younger child is reminiscent of our long distance from ours… she lives in Switzerland and the last time we saw her and her family was in May of 2019. This pandemic cancelled our 2020 trip. It’s hard to be so far away! I hope you get to see Luke in 2021.

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      • Yes, 2020 has a lot to answer for as far as family are concerned! We really hope to visit with Luke as soon as is possible.
        We took Frank to Switzerland in 2006, as my brother was living in Zurich at the time. We explored Lucerne, Interlaken and took a series of cable cars to the summit of the Schilthorn… Great sightseeing and wonderful chocolate and sorbets.
        Happy memories.

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      • I am so glad you and Frank were able to enjoy those beautiful sites together. It is such a gorgeous country, isn’t it? Picture-postcard-perfect everywhere we look. No slums. No evidence of poverty. Very little crime. So glad you have those happy memories! ❤

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      • Thank you.
        We really enjoyed Switzerland so much, the scenery was absolutely spectacular and Frank was spellbound visiting the Lindt factory store in Kilchberg.
        Fabulous memories.

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      • Ohhh, the Lindt and Sprüngli factory store is one not to miss. I remember leaving with carrier bags of goodies.
        Definitely a ‘must visit’.

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