Nans’ roses



Sunday 17th May

We collect my mum from the care home, take her shopping, and then have afternoon tea together with my sister.
We then tentatively ask whether she would like to visit you in the cemetery. She hasn’t yet been to see you since you passed away; we thought it might be too much for her. With tears in her eyes, she says she would very much like to see where you are laid to rest.

We buy some beautiful roses and drive her to you. Walking on the grass, up to your resting place, tears begin streaming down her face. Her elder grandson: she loved you so very much. It is upsetting for her, but you are in such a tranquil place, we all feel the peacefulness and closeness to you.

The roses looked absolutely stunning and incredibly resplendent; a pink and coral burst of colourful hues.
We spend time in reflective silence, just thinking about you.
We wish we didn’t have to come here to see you. We wish you were still part of our family life.
You were taken far too soon, and none of us was ready.

We’ll see you tomorrow, lovely boy.
Missing you like crazy.
And no one can comprehend the depth of our grief.
Love you, angel son xxxxx


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  1. hello. we have been following each other for some time now and I want you to know that the only reason I was not able to comment on your posts so far is that I have no words adequate enough to, say, support, during these hard times. I want you to know, however, each time I see your posts I listen to what you say and I am sending my best wishes to you and your family.

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