More roses


Monday 18th May

Whilst drinking a cappuccino this morning in our local supermarket, an elderly gentleman, whom we have gotten to know over the years, just came up and handed me a bouquet of coral roses.
A lovely, random act of kindness.
He’s a real East Ender this man, he just said “For you”.
He wanted to let me know he was thinking of us, as he had often seen our son with myself and my husband. It was a very thoughtful gesture, and tears welled up in my eyes.

The roses were almost the same colour as the ones we left on your grave yesterday.
It seems as if this gentleman knew, with a sort of sixth sense, the exact colour to buy.

Despite considerable wind and rain overnight, all the flowers we have placed with you are looking beautiful, especially Nan’s roses.

I just wish you were here with us, now, forever.

Missing you so very much xxxx

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