You are loved



Wednesday 7th October

I came across a written note, in a card to us, from one of the carers at the stables. You loved working with the horses and going out on hacks.


Out on a hack in the sunshine


Collecting rosettes at a gymkhana

(It has taken me a long time to go through all the many, many cards that we received when you gained your Angel wings. A number of them are filled with thoughtful and compassionate words. The messages are lovely, but they do bring a tear to my eyes. People loved you so much. You made such a great impression on so many. And they miss you being a part of their lives.)

This is what she wrote:

“I absolutely adored Frank, the time we spent together at the farm was always filled with so much fun and laughter.
He could turn the worst day into something bright.
His sense of humour and quick-witted replies will be greatly missed in the farmhouse.
Quite honestly it will never be the same again.”

Such sweet and heartfelt sentiments.
But that was you.
You had such a loving, caring and mischievous personality.
And you knew how to have fun.

We miss having you here with us.
Love you forever.
Precious horse rider.
Darling Angel.


Your horse watching over you


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