Daily Archives: October 31, 2015




Saturday 31st October

How are you?
How’s things?
How’re you doing?

I’m ok
(I’m broken)

Doing fine.
(Forlorn. Inconsolable. Nightmare. Empty.)

So, so.
(No, no)

Such lies we tell, in order not to reveal the true feelings within our hearts.

For if we do, in that small moment, our composure may crumble.

A solitary tear may well up, then slowly make it’s way down the cheek.

Only to be followed by thousands more, and then the unstoppable sobs.

The asker of the question thus is at a loss as to what to do.

A hug would be good, at this point in time; a caring, silent hug.

To know that someone cares, is willing to hold you, and wipe away tears.

So, bypass that question, for the moment, if you don’t mind.

Love you, baby.
Angel son.
Forever young.





The Parish Church. Autumn sunshine.