Dad’s birthday



Wednesday 14th October

Another first…….
Dad’s first birthday without you being here.
Without your card, or morning birthday greetings.
Dad missed you a lot today.
It was so quiet without you.

We remember so many good times together.

Dearest Angel son.
We grow older, and you remain forever thirty years old.
Just wish it wasn’t so.

Love you forever.


You and Dad. Bahia Honda State Park, The Keys


You and Dad. Universal Studios


You and Dad. Seuss Landing, Universal


You and Dad. Hawaiian Luau, Sea World


You and Dad. Aquatica


You and Dad. Busch Gardens


You and Dad. Christmas Eve, Disney World


You and Dad. Hilton Head Island


You and Dad this morning


Dad and I this afternoon

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  1. It’s obvious your son is and always was so loved. You and your family are so blessed to have all these beautiful pictures. My heart breaks for you, I can feel it physically in my chest, reading your pain. But you do a great job honoring him and keeping the memories of him alive. ❤ Thank You for sharing with the world, with your help, your son is still touching people with his love.

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