Daily Archives: February 29, 2016




Monday 29th February

Today seems grey.
You’re no longer here,
You’ve gone away.

Seeing the world
In shades of grey,
Life’s now unfurled.

No bright colours,
Just a flat grey,
Gone are all others.

Grey, draining contrast,
Monotone misery,
Sad, eyes downcast.

A grey isolation,
Wraps and enfolds,
Thoughts of desolation.

Neutral and bland,
Grey mist rolls in,
Over the quicksand.

Life’s not black and white.
A muddle of grey,
Seems about right.

Dismal and depressing,
This misty, grey fog,
All joy suppressing.

Looking for a change,
To brighten the day,
This grey to exchange.

The heavy, dull sky,
A ponderous grey.
Exhaling a sigh.

So, today is grey.
But it’ll be different,
I hope, some day.

I’m missing you today
My darling Angel son
Make the grey go away.




Looking out over the rampers this afternoon