Daily Archives: February 20, 2016

I thought of you and smiled



Saturday 20th February

I thought of you and smiled, despite the sadness.

It’s what you did to people.
You made them smile.

Almost every morning you would wake up, come bounding into our room, and ask the question: “Where are we going today? What are we going to do?”

We had so many happy family days out in the local area.
You liked being outdoors, and enjoyed having fun in the children’s play-park.
Swings, slides, seesaws, ziplines and flying kites; you had so much energy, and played like a big kid at heart.


May 2002, with dad, your brother, auntie and cousin. 17 years old, and enjoying fun and games at the park


April 2002. A ride on the chairoplane, at a local theme park

We all miss your delightful spirit and vitality. You made us go out and about, exploring, breathing in fresh air, taking risks, being healthy and smiling.
Always smiling.

I miss your smile, sweetie.
I miss your laughter.
I miss your get-up-and-go.
I miss the fun times we used to have together.

Love you dearest Angel son.
Thinking of you, and smiling.