Wednesday 23rd March

My precious Angel warrior
Galloping across the skies
Filled with equine euphoria
As you catch another sunrise.


You and your horse, Warrior


You and Warrior, standing in front of the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy

A number of years ago, when you attended the Fortune Centre, in the New Forest, we commissioned a painting of you, with your favourite horse.
You were eighteen, and had spent the most amazing three years gaining your Further Education through Horsemanship qualification.
Such an achievement for you, such happy times.

We miss those carefree days.
We miss you so very much.
Love you forever.
My precious Angel warrior.



Sunshine at the beach today


Blue skies, yellow sands and the Surf School


High tide and sunshine in the harbour



Forever in our hearts

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  1. What an amazing experience for your son and what a wonderful memory for you to have that awesome painting. I did not learn to ride myself until I was an adult so I have a different and more recent memory of learning to ride. I can tell you your son would have cherished this special friend. My special friend was named Peanut, he had an ornery streak!

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