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Wednesday 16th March

When the sun shines
I miss you.
When the wind blows
I miss you.
When the waves crash
I miss you.
When the rain falls
I miss you.
When the birds sing
I miss you.
As the days pass
I miss you.

So many reminders
That spark memories.
And it will always be so.
But memories are heartening.
What would life be
Without those precious times?

The sun will still shine
The wind will blow
Waves crash upon the shore
Rain will fall
Birds sing their songs
Day after day after day.

And each should bring a smile.
Wistful, bittersweet.
But the memories are there.
They are testament
Of a life well-lived.
Affirmation of you.

Love you forever.
But missing you so much.



A sunny corner in the harbour today