There’s a smile on my face



Tuesday 5th April

There’s a smile on my face,
But pain in my heart.
Silent sorrow envelopes me;
You meant so very much.

Constantly missing you,
Forever loving you,
Thinking of you every day.
I’ll find you in my dreams.

Memories pop up,
Out of nowhere.
You’ll never be forgotten,
But I wish you were still here.

You touched our lives
In a myriad of ways.
And it’s those thoughts
That keep us close to you.

Living without you
Is the hardest part.
Everything has changed;
Life will never be the same.

My life continues,
But I think of what was,
And what now
Can never, ever be.

But there is a smile……
Not always, not every day,
But it is there,
When I remember you.

Love you my Angel.
Beloved son.




A peaceful morning, standing beside you

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  1. I can relate to the memories popping and feeling sad…..I am learning to take comfort in the happy memories knowing our loved ones are around us.
    Sending you hugs.

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