Friday 13th May

The lighthouse brightly shines its beam
Across the darkening sea to the shore
Lighting a safe path for those lost souls
Guiding them safely home once more.

Your own twinkling star is like a beacon
As I look longingly to the heavens above
I hope you are smiling from way up high
For I send kisses and so much love.

I wish you could follow the luminous ray
Flashing forth from the rusty structure
Back to our arms, we can hold you tight
As if it were a life-giving sculpture.

So, just as that lighthouse stands tall
Radiating its brilliance for all to see
You too must illuminate the night skies
My precious little Starman flying free.

Sweetheart Angel son.





Boats at low tide in the harbour


The lighthouse on Smeaton's Pier

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  1. i remember my child years many many years ago and nowadays i remember i was very impressed in a very good feelings at the view of a lighthouse at the end of venice lagoon the lighthouse a shelter for child memories in order not to be forgotten thanks for the post i like very much yr posts all

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