An Angel that is my son



Tuesday 24th May

A silence that screams so loudly
A pain that hurts so invisibly
An existence that is so lonely
An emotion that confuses so easily
A realisation that hits so tragically
An emptiness that can’t be filled
A reality that is forever damaged
A question that can’t be answered
A loss that won’t be replaced
A missing that will be eternal
A broken heart that can’t be fixed
A future that now will never be
A journey that takes a new path
A love that is everlasting
A life that won’t be forgotten
An Angel that is my son.

Love you sweetheart.






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  1. dear friend the photos you link as caption to yr poems in my opinion are like true pics taken not by a digital camera but one of an analogical photo of the past that gives a touch very nostalgic about the passing

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  2. Such beautiful flowers! I wrote a song for my son named “Angel in the Sky.” It is comforting to look up and feel him looking over me.
    You have such an inexhaustible supply of poetry and words to express your love for him.

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  3. The emotion in your poem reaches out to us all. I can feel the grief and longing in your words and the beautiful flowers help to express them further. I am truly moved by your situation and can only hope your pain will lessen over time.

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