Monday 27th June

Just over a month after you were born, your grandfather came to visit from America.
He bought a gift for you.
Six magnums of lbv, (late bottled vintage) port.
Quite ostentatious, but that was Grandfather Hank all over.
Well, we were clearing out, under the stairs, and we came upon the wooden crate. It has been kept in the dark for over thirty years.
I’m not sure what we will do with it.
You didn’t like alcohol; in fact, many a time you would find a bottle in the fridge, open it, and pour it down the sink.
And laugh.
Wine, vodka, in fact anything alcoholic that you deemed was bad for us.
Hmmmm. Cat and mouse with the chilled beverages. You thought it a funny game. We were exasperated.

And now we’re left with individually boxed magnums, with your name on.
Ironic really.

I think you’d give a wry smile, but would you uncork the bottles and pour away the contents? Perhaps not.

Do we break open the crate and try a bottle?
Do we keep the bottles a little while longer?
Do we sell them?

Not sure.
I wonder what you would want us to do?

Perhaps Hank is up there with you, having a glass of port, and you are drinking your lemonade.
Swapping stories, laughing, smiling, planning new adventures.
I hope you’re having fun together.

Miss you Hank.
Miss you Frank.

Love you forever precious Angel son.







Low tide


Surf school


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  1. My late wife, Jessica’s, grandfather stored his copious wine stocks under Nottingham Castle. One day the vaults were flooded and all the labels came off. The family drank everything over time, every wine being a surprise. Except for the Napoleonic brandy – no labels, but they knew it.

    My recommendation would be to drink the port and use the case to plant memories in.

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