I must try



Thursday 30th June

I must try,
I must learn,
Not to live without you,
But to live with
The love,
The memories,
The precious moments,
You left behind.

But I’ll never really
Get used to
Being without you.
It’s so hard
To face the fact
That you’re gone.
You’re not coming back.

What we’ve lost
Cannot be returned.
So we look around
Trying to see signs
That you’re close by.
To find you
In what remains.

Loving you forever
Missing you every day
Thinking of you constantly
Trying to put a smile on my face
When there are tears in my heart.






The view with dinner, through the doorway, across the terrace, to the harbour


Dinner with Dad and your brother


Low tide and grey skies

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  1. The other day, I honestly broke down and cried. It’s been 6 years since I lost mom, and 2 since I lost dad. I have a little four door car and wanted to get a pool for my kiddos … could not… For the life I me… find someone to help me get it home. After waiting in a parking lot with three hungry kids, I finally had to pull Jay away from work. 😕 missing work is not good. I couldnt help but sit there and think .. man dad would of come right over and helped. I lost a substantial piece I my support system when I lost my parents. Facing this life all on my own sometimes really breaks me down. It’s hard moving through not knowing, and having no guidance. Your post just kinda brang this out of me. By no means do I intend to lessen your feelings . Thanks so much for all the support you give me, and know my heart is always with you. Loss is just… so… unimagineably hard.

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  2. Sounds like you’re slowly, coming to terms, that your son had passed away, and that, is good, because you’re not far from, healing back up completely now…just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and get through a day at a time…

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