The beach


Saturday 30th July

It was a very busy day at the beach today. So many holidaymakers had pitched their tents on the sand, sitting back catching the rays, hiring surfboards, or throwing frisbees.

You were not one for lazing around, relaxing or sunbathing; you were always on the go, walking, reading, playing in the surf.

I’m not sure you would have enjoyed the beach today; far too many people and far too noisy.

Three years ago today we were in North Myrtle Beach, the sea was 30℃ and the air temperature 35℃. (I know this, as Facebook reminded me). We had spent a couple hours on the beach, early morning, before it became oppressively hot. By midday you had become bored anyway, and so it was time to move off, find somewhere with air-conditioning, and have some lunch and a cold drink.

Our shaded spot, beneath a parasol (three years ago NMB)

The beautiful ocean

Dad, you, and me. North Myrtle Beach, 30.7.13

We do miss you so much, and remember the many years we spent going on holiday to America. Starting off in South Carolina, then moving south to Florida, so you could enjoy the theme parks.

Thinking of you today, as always.

Missing you every day.

Loving you forever.

Sweetheart Angel son.


So very busy at the beach today

Not a lot of space left

Bright, blue sky today

Tonight’s sunset at 9:15pm

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  1. Days on the beach and holidays to remember for a lifetime.].. I’m not sure I would like the 35Β°C of Myrtle Beach, but your beach in Cornwall would suit me fine, on days when it isn’t so crowded. Stunning photos and lovely words. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      35℃ by the ocean, ten in the morning, beneath a parasol is just perfect.
      (Cornwall at the moment seems really overcrowded!)
      x 😎 x


      • Yes, the parasols on those hot beaches are wonderful. We go to the Caribbean a lot, and we love the beaches – and the parasols (or palm trees, in many places). I still think Cornwall is better.
        I can well imagine how crowded Cornwall is now that the summer holidays are here. As someone who lives there, you must find it very trying, with traffic jams, especially. πŸ™‚

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      • Hi.
        Yes, Cornwall in the school holidays can be very overcrowded, which is why, for twenty odd years we went to America, or sailing with my Dad around the Caribbean, during August.
        We all enjoyed travelling and visiting new places.
        Although the Florida theme parks are busy too, but magical for young children.

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      • I’ve never been to Florida, or anywhere in the US, come to that. I hope to visit the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park one day, though. Sailing round the Caribbean sounds like sheer bliss!. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks.
        We have always had wonderful times in America, as a family. So much to explore, making great friends, and Orlando is just terrific for everyone.
        And yes, the Caribbean is pretty special, too. As is the Grand Canyon, which I visited with my father, before I was married.
        I do hope you get to see the places you want.


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