A cold November afternoon


Wednesday 23rd November

A cold November afternoon

You’d go walking through town

Shiny pink, pinched cheeks

Coat done up, hat pulled down

Out in the bracing fresh air

Trampling leaves, all brown

Leaving footprints in the sand

A happy face, never a frown

My precious, sweet Angel

I feel your presence all around


Love you forever

Sleep tight sweetheart


A cold November afternoon

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  1. This is so lovely and so heartfelt. Suddenly I know I have no problems at all. God bless you, dear. You are in my prayers, and your angel is now playing with my angel, Jennifer. She’s been in heaven for a long time now. You don’t get over this hurdle, but as time passes you find a path around it, and around it again and again. But you never forget and don’t let anyone tell you that you must put it behind you and forget. Yes, life goes on, but memories last the entirety of that life. I pray that your life will become easier as the time passes, and your own burden improves as time passes.

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      • Absolutely, along with my little dog. I hope Frank likes dogs. Pekinese, especially, cause I’m sure Jennifer needs help holding him down while she brushes him. I can laugh now, but holding that little 5 pounds down while brushing him was harder than fighting a den of wolves. I miss it.

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      • Frank initially was very scared of all dogs and would actively avoid them, especially ones that were excitable.
        Later on he tolerated the animals, and eventually enjoyed taking dogs out for a walk on a lead.

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      • I’ll bet he loves them now. Max–my dog, was never excitable unless he knew his person wanted to play. I took him to nursing homes for visits. He could read the mood of each person and reacted accordingly–snuggling in a lap of someone who only needed a quiet fur friend for temporary comfort or playing with the ones who needed entertainment. He also knew which kids would be kind and the ones to hide under the bed from.
        I wish Frank had been here when I was not able to take Max for walks. Sure could have used a buddy then.

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